Pickup Hardtops Colour code location on pickup trucks

Pickup Hardtops Colour code location on pickup trucks

OK so today we will be going over how you would find your colour code on your pickup Truck before ordering your colour coded hardtop.  

This is very important if you are looking to have your top matched to your vehicle colour

For whatever reason all Pickup Truck manufactures like to keep us guessing to where it is located and instead of coming up with 1 location on the vehicle for all the Pickups they have them spread out.

So in no particular order I have come up with a list of the most popular pick trucks if yours is not on there then please call us to get the correct colour code.

Ford Ranger Hardtop have there own website where you can type in your vehicle reg and it will come up with the information of the vehicle with the colour code.

You will have to open in internet explorer though as chrome does not work with the reg lookup just vin number


Toyota Hilux MK 6 7 & 8 Hardtop have there colour code on the pickup truck, if you open the rear passenger side door just below the catch where the door meets you will see the colour code on a black tag

 Toyota Hilux MK9 Hardtop is located on passenger side door below the catch that the door shuts onto.

 Nissan Navara D40 Hardtop is located on the drivers side door not the handle side but where the door hinges on the body of the pickup truck

Mitsubishi L200 MK5 MK6 Hardtop is under the Bonnet on a Chassis Plate on the drivers side of the vehicle.

 Isuzu Dmax MK4 is under the bonnet but passenger side wing

So these are the more popular pickup Trucks that we supply Hardtops colour coded for please visit our online shop Pickup Hardtops