Pickup Hardtops | Tonneau Covers | Roll N Lock | 4x4 Accessories

Pickuptops UK have a wide range of Pickup Hardtops & accessories for the back of your pickuptruck.
We specialise in Pickup Truck Hardtops cover only which allows us to fully understand the market and bring the very best products to the UK market.

We have a wide range on different branded hardtops from the Genuine Snugtop Brand which is the longest standing brand in the UK
We have the new and up and coming Ridgeback series that have side opening hardtops colour coded with central locking and a heated rear screen
As for Roller Shutters we have the best value for money roll top covers in armadillo up to 500KG weight bearing and offers only the highest quality components with a non drill fit only £995 Plus Vat
We have a full selection of bedliners and bed rugs
We have a selection of sports lids with bars colour coded at the best prices and standard tonneau cover lids with the EGR lid see the list below of vehcle and tops we do:
Ford Ranger Hardtops, Ford Ranger Snugtops, Ford Ranger Sports Lids, Ford Ranger Soft Tonneau Cover
Toyota Hilux MK6 MK7 MK 8 Hardtops, Toyota Hilux Snugtops, Toyota Hilux Sports Lids,Toyota Hilux Soft Tonneau Cover
Isuzi Dmax Hardtops, Isuzi Dmax Snugtops, Isuzi Dmax Sports Lids, Isuzi Dmax Soft Tonneau Cover
Nissan Navara D40/ NP300 Hardtops, Nissan Navara D40/ NP300 Snugtops,Nissan Navara D40/ NP300 Sports Lids, Nissan Navara D40/ NP300 Tonneau Cover
VW Amarok Hardtops, VW Amarok D40/ NP300 Snugtops, VW Amarok D40/ NP300 Sports Lids, VW Amarok D40/ NP300 Tonneau Cover
Great Wall Steed Hardtops
Fiat Fullback hardtop, Fiat Fullback Snugtops, Fiat Fullback Sports Lids, Fiat Fullback Tonneau Cover
Mitsubishi L200 Hardtop, Mitsubishi L200 Snugtops, Mitsubishi L200 Sports Lids,Mitsubishi L200 Tonneau Cover
Keep an eye out for Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup Truck all products will be here soon