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Pickuptops UK work with only the best and most established brands within the UK

Ford Ranger Canopy

Ford Ranger Snugtop Collection

At SNUGTOP, we believe that the future belongs to the manufacturer who can meet and exceed consumers' demands for better designed and better built products. As consumers express their individuality through the products they buy and use, they require more choices. That's why today SNUGTOP offers its customers more than a great variety of truck caps and tonneau covers allowing them to personalize their vehicle. A truck cover is as much about image and individual expression as it is about utility. By offering both through its trendsetting products, SNUGTOP has demonstrated its commitment to satisfying its customers desire for form and style, as well as fit and function.

Innovation in design and manufacturing technology and a relentless insistence on excellence keep SNUGTOP at the top of its field. As a result, SNUGTOP has earned a solid reputation as best in its class and tremendous brand-name recognition With more than 50 years of history and performance behind it, more people ask for SNUGTOP by name than any other truck cover.

Ford Ranger Ridgeback Hardtop Collection

Ford Ranger Platinum Hardtop

The Rdgeback brand has established it brand as a very well recognised and trusted brand within the fleet and commercial market and also for the end users who want a top of the range hardtop.

Ford Ranger S Series Hardtop

They have a large collection of hardtops with different styles and specifications and are only growing the list as it continues to grow

The Ridgeback brand has a range of high quality hardtops on offer for the commercial and fleet users to the end customer who is looking for a top of the range hardtop

Ford Ranger L Series Hardtop

The Ridgeback is aimed at users who want to give their trucks SUV styling. Featuring large sliding tinted windows in the sides and a heated rear window,  has features expected from a high-end hardtop. The bulkhead window opens for ventilation for dogs and making it easier to clean the window in the back of the cab. The Ridgeback brand is easily locked and unlocked using the vehicle’s own key thanks to the integrated central locking system.

Ford Ranger Rollershutter

The Ford Ranger Armadillo Rollershutter 

top of the range roller shutter that has been designed to fit with all pickup trucks, every armadillo is specific to the vehicle it is made for and has also been designed to offer an easier installation than normal with it being a non drill fit.
The Roller shutter is made of the strongest materials with security as the main focus it is made from a light weight aluminium and has a unique locking mechanism that keeps the back of your pickup completely secure
It has a roll up system where the shutter retracts back into the canister that sits on the bulkhead leaving am open back if needing to take a large load

Handmade with real attention to detail
Every Armadillo Tonneau Cover is made by hand using only the best materials, every stage of the process is undertaken with great care by employees who specialise in a particular aspect of the Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover build

Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover

The EGR Tonneau Cover

With gas strut assisted opening and closing Aluminium Tonneau covers are ideal for heavier use as there are no painted surfaces to be damaged. Finished in either Black or Silver, the covers have a chequer plate finish for the off-road look. Features include the lockable lid (with key) and push button lock, which secures your load whilst keeping items protected.

The covers themselves are also tough with an extremely hard wearing surface, creating a second work area that is capable of handling tools and material. The Aluminium Tonneau covers also open on a wide angle for easy access to the tub and can be removed in a minute without tools.