Blog | Pickup Hardtops for Pickup Trucks | Nissan Navara Hardtop

Blog | Pickup Hardtops for Pickup Trucks | Nissan Navara Hardtop

 Choosing a hardtop for your pickup may be a little bit daunting especially when you have less information in such kind of auto body parts. It is highly recommended for one to go to a certified dealer who will handle your case in the best way possible. Make sure you allocate adequate time that will be used to plan and find those desirable features which will be used to design the auto body hard top. Having a clear plan for what you might make it easier to identify what materials are needed and makes it easier for the designer to build. The following are a few guidelines for choosing pickup hardtops.

The first consideration is the size or model of the pickup. A large pickup requires a large hardtop that will fit its size perfectly and get screwed in well. One can use the model number to point out to the service provider the size that will be appropriate making their work easier. Getting the right hardtop cover may prove to be challenging if the dealer is not well acquitted with this knowledge hence one might end up with the wrong services. Remember the size of the hardtop will limit carriage of certain items or machinery hence think carefully before making a decision. Get to know also about Nissan Navara Canopy.

Secondly, the style and material that has been used to make the hard top are yet an of great importance. One should be able to choose from a variety of styles for the tops and different forms of materials available for building these tops. Conduct proper research to help you out and figure out which is the best material for the style you want. Your carrying needs can help you choose the style at the back of the pickup or what it says about you. This way one can surely get the best services and materials.

Lastly, is the cost incurred? The amount that one is willing to spend on the process is a major consideration. One should carry out enough research to find out the current price in the market or region. Start by creating a well-detailed budget line that is both considerable and affordable. This will grant you the best available services. The budget mostly includes service charges, materials charges and any unexpected costs that might arise in the process. Make sure you have made any necessary negotiations with the seller or service providers before getting to sign the paperwork. Check out for Nissan Navara hardtop.


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Blog | Tips for Buying Pickup Truck Hardtop Covers

When buying a vehicle, it is a great experience. However, you have to be very specific because there are different models of vehicles and have different uses. For instance, if you need a luxury vehicle, it is possible to get one in the market nowadays. Additionally, there are vehicles that are used for public transportation that is if you're considering making a lot of income through offering transportation services. On the hand, you can also offer transportation services for carrying heavy loans especially from the industrial area to different places or to suppliers. It is also important to buy such vehicles for your own utility. Pickup trucks are well-known because of the durability, and the strength to do a lot of work and investing in them can be a great experience for you because it offers a lot of flexibility when you want to carry heavy items or even when you're moving. However, you need to invest in a lot of pickup truck accessories first to ensure that it is in good shape even after caring the heavy loads and also to enable the loading and offloading of such items. Pickup Nissan Navara hardtop covers are sold in the market to help you in protecting your vehicle and also for making work easier when moving around. Discussed below are some of the important considerations to make when buying a pickup truck hardtop covers.
The manufacturers of the pickup truck hardtop cover, use different designs, styles and materials in making the pickup truck hardtop covers. For instance, there are different styles of top covers such as the level- with -rooftops, high roof hardtop, and full boxes rooftops. Each of the style has its benefits and also disadvantages and therefore it means you have to be very specific when you're going to purchase the hardtop pickup covers because of the many styles you have to choose from. Researching will help you get relevant information so that you can make a decision on which style will be helpful to use when buying hardtop covers. For instance, as you look for different information about the different styles hardtop covers, you will notice that there are covers that can give you more space for carrying and also are more practical and you can choose the hardtop cover to buy according to the uses. Additionally, as you read more about the pickup truck hardtop covers, you understand that different dealers sell at different prices and therefore, you can compare and contrast the prices before buying to help you in making a wise investment.

Ford Ranger Hardtop Covers

Learn About Truck Covers

It used to be that in case you required to buy truck canopies, then you had only a single option which was a steel truck canopy. Thankfully, some companies that are innovative have designed newer covers for trucks which are light years before the models which were dominant in the market. Actually, nowadays there is a truck cover which is designed in such a way to suit any preference and you can also find them in a variety of materials. The canopy such as ford ranger canopy that you will select will depend on the particular purpose which you intend to use your canopy for. In case you intend to use it for just covering up the groceries for other items, then you may need to opt for a soft cover. You will need a better canopy in case you are planning to use the truck for many company uses.

In addition, canopies come in a wide variety of designs from which you will need to choose from as you look for one. They will range from the low tech ones to the high tech as well as even the electronic canopies. It is next to impossible for you to lack a canopy that will be suited to your needs as well as the truck. You can get a canopy in an online store depending on the design you prefer. Irrespective of the model of your truck, or if you drive for business purposes or for pleasure, you should be sure that you will not lack a canopy to fit your vehicle and in the best way.

There are different types of truck covers for ford ranger tonneau cover in the market including the aluminum covers. These are the most type of covers and the only that you most probably know since it is very common. These come in two different brands which are the laser life and the extreme flat. Both of these brands will serve the same purpose and their only difference is that the laser life is painted using a tough coat which is black in color for it to match your trucks trim. The flat one will be painted with the aim of matching the truck of the truck.

The second type of truck cover is the fiberglass covers. These types of covers are popular since they are secure and it will be easy to paint them to match your truck’s color. However, the fiberglass covers in known to be heavy thus it Is not easy to remove. For further info, click:

Nissan Navara NP300 Hardtop Canopy Choices in the UK |Blog 18th May 2018

Nissan Navara NP300 Hardtop Canopy Choices in the UK |Blog 18th May 2018
Nissan Navara NP300 Hardtop Canopy choices UK

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Ford Ranger Roller Shutter and Sports Bars available now at Pickup Tops UK

Ford Ranger Roller Shutter and Sports Bars available now at Pickup Tops UK


Ford Ranger that can have a roller shutter and sports bar fitted with a non drill fit

Pickup Tops UK have released a compatible sports bar and roller shutter that is a non drill fit for UK customers

Ford Ranger Roll N Lock and Sports Bar

The Armadillo roller shutter is top of the range and has a load capacity of upto 500kg and through popular demand now has a sports bar to finish off the look

With the ford ranger we now have the complete set for all needs with the Armadillo Ford Ranger Wildtrak Roller Shutter compatible armadillo Ford Ranger Roller Shutter

the Ford Ranger Roller Shutter and Chrome Sports Bar and the ford ranger and sports bars complete

We can offer free UK mainland delivery or Fitting service at our fitting centre in Gloucester 


Blog | Toyota Hilux Brand New Sports bar to fit with the Armadillo Roller Shutter

Blog | Toyota Hilux Brand New Sports bar to fit with the Armadillo Roller Shutter

Toyota Hilux Roller Shutter and Sports Bars now available


Pickup Roller shutter and sports bar

Features of the Roll-Top:
  • Easy to install (less than 2 hours)
  • Secure closure of load body
  • Strong, robust structure 
  • Easy to operate Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover
  • Minimal servicing required
Benefits of the Roll-Top:
  • Provides excellent security for goods carried on Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover
  • Durable Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover
  • Lightweight - aluminium construction
  • Rust-proof & weather-proof Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover
  • The cover takes up little space in the load bin!
  • The cover can carry an evenly distributed load of up to 500kg
The Armadillo Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover has been designed to fit onto all makes of vehicle and easy modifications are available to accommodate roll-bars or other extrusions on a vehicle.The Roll-Top has been designed to meet any demand that the load-bin might have, and is an attractive alternative to standard load-bin covers.With security as a focus, the Roll-Top is made from strong, secure and lightweight aluminium with a specialised locking system that allows for complete safety of goods in the load bin of Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover 

Rolling up completely to allow for the full use of the load bin on Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover or extended with a canopy on top, the Roll-Top does not restrict the capacity of the load bin.

Handmade with real attention to detail
Every Armadillo Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover is assembled by hand using only the highest quality materials. Each stage of production is undertaken with great care by employees who specialise in a particular aspect of the Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover construction.
Strict quality control and distribution
At Armadillo SA a local workforce is employed to handle every stage of product manufacture of Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover. Inspectors carry out the most stringent quality control checks at every step. Only when they are happy that the product meets our extremely high standards does it leave the factory for distribution to the UK and worldwide.
with free UK mainland delivery and all prices shown on the website includes vat


Check out the full ranger of rollershutters 

Blog | How to improve your ford ranger pickup Truck

How Can You Improve the Utility and Appearance of Your Pickup Truck


The extreme weather conditions in some areas have records of an increasing popularity of large vehicles such as 4x4s and pickup trucks. The fact of the matter is that government is trying to discourage people from buying these kinds of vehicles by increasing taxes and fuel prices, but, because of the necessity for people to be mobile during times of extreme or freezing conditions, people are still willing to purchase these vehicles.

On top of the increased charges, some pickup owners are going to the point of buying pickup accessories just to ensure a good performance and looks of their large vehicles. There are many choices in online stores nowadays that truck owners can choose from and at very reasonable prices comparing to actual stores.

Know that the automobile market is practically flooded with a huge variety of Ford Ranger Accessories. With these truck accessories, your vehicle will not only look more stylish and modern but also become versatile and durable. One example of a truck accessory is the tonneau cover which protects the cargo from being damaged from the extreme weather condition, plus, it improves your gas mileage because the tailgate effect is eliminated.

So before purchasing these Isuzu Dmax Canopy accessories, it is also helpful that you learn what are their kinds and learn some things about them.

First that we mentioned was the tonneau cover which is considered as the most versatile truck accessory. Not only is this accessory a highly customizable and economical accessory, this truck cover will make your cargo well organized and well protected from the harsh weather conditions. You can choose your tonneaue in either fiberglass covers, or retractable caps or soft covers, and other options. Learn more about truck accessories at

A camper shell or truck cap is another truck accessory that can increase the storage capacity of your truck. With this accessory, you can conveniently haul heavy items, and you can go camping without any concern of the safety and security of your cargoes

Camping enthusiasts especially will find another truck accessory, called the bed tent, to be a part of the truck. You will be protecting yourself from prowlers, insects, pests, wild animals and dirt whenever you are camping by having a bed tent in your truck.

You would want to protect your truck beds too from dents, scratches and rust, and you can do this by putting bed mats.

Another truck accessory is the ladder rack which can be used in your regular transport of large quantities of items, and you can also use this to carry lumber, canoes, kayaks and others.

There is also the chrome truck accessories that are long lasting, sturdy and easy to maintain that can add style and sophistication to your truck.

Blog | Brand new Toyota Hilux Hardtop Platinum | 2018

January 2018 expect the Brand new Toyota Hilux Platinum to hit the UK

Taking Pre orders now so if your looking for a top of the range hardtop at trade prices then look no further than Pickup Tops UK

Pictures will follow shortly but please see the Platinum on our Ford Rangers priced at £1545 plus vat delivered UK mainland

Pre order today 
Toyota Hilux Hardtop Platinum Double Cab (2012 on)
Platinum Hardtop Canopy colour coded the Hardtop canopy also has central locking standard UK
Ridgeback Platinum Hardtop with Central Locking for Toyota Hilux 2016 onwards
This Ridgeback Platinum Hard Top is a Top of the Range Luxury Hardtop made to our own design combining style with strength, this pickup top has class leading features such as:
• Fully suspended washable lined interior
• Remote Central Locking to rear door
• Colour coded to match your vehicles exact colour
• Contrasting accents for ultimate styling
• GRP framed rear door with toughened, tinted glass
• Interior domed Light
• Pop-Out Side Windows with tinted glass
• Stainless Steel hinges and brackets
• Sliding front bulkhead window
• Rear spoiler with brake light
• Twin gas struts on rear door for easy opening and closing
• Lockable rear door 2 keys supplied
• Roof spoiler colour coded to match
• Roof rails
• 70kg load carrying capacity on roof
• Instructions and wiring kit supplied
• No drill fitting
• 1 Year warranty

The Platinum hardtop canopy is aimed at users who want to give their trucks SUV styling.
Featuring large sliding tinted windows in the sides of the Hardtop canopy and a heated rear windowat the back of the hardtop canopy, the Platinum hardtop has all the features expected from a high-end hardtop canopy.
The bulkhead (front) window also opens allowing ventilation for dogs and making it easier to clean the window in the back of the cab.
The Platinum Hardtop is easily locked and unlocked using the vehicle’s own key thanks to the integrated central locking system on the Canopy.

Compare our Toyota Hilux canopy with any other available on the market and you will see why we are the best for quality and value for money. 

Blog | VW Amarok Hardtop Sale | £50 OFF

Blog | VW Amarok Hardtop Sale | £50 OFF

VW Amarok EGR Hardtop is £50 off now at pick up tops UK

Colour coded with gul wing passenger window 

colour coded

secure and lockableVW Amarok Hardtop

VW Amarok EGR Hardtop

Code | EGR50


Shop today at Pickup Tops UK with a range of accessories for pickup trucks across the UK

we have a range of pickup hardtops | pickup tonneau covers | pickup roller shutters and bedliners

Give us a call today

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Roller Shutter

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Roller Shutter back in stock now

If you are looking for a Ford Ranger Wildtrak Roller Shutter that fits with the sports trim then we have the top of the range Armadillo roller shutter back in stock with free UK mainland delivery | Lead time is 3-4 working days.

With it a non drill fit and weight load of up to 500KG there is not a better roller shutter on the market for any UK Pickup Truck- Ford Ranger Wildtrak Roller shutter

Visit Pickup Tops UK  to see the full ranger of hardtop covers and accessories available.

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak roller shutter is the workman's choice to keep the bed dry and fully secure and for £995 plus vat delivered UK mainland we are up-to 60% cheaper than the main dealers price.

Order securely online with Pickup Tops UK to keep things simple or call the sales team today for any advise

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