Ford Ranger Hardtop | Ford Ranger Canopy | What to get

Ford Ranger Hardtop | Ford Ranger Canopy | What to get

Ford Ranger Hardtop

Pickup Tops UK have a wide range of pickup hardtops to go with your pickup truck, today we are going to go through the different specs and prices specific for a ford ranger canopy.


Ford Ranger Canopy


Ford Ranger Platinum Hardtop

is our premium hardtop with a 2 tone colour finish with a suv style look, it is also has everything you would want from a top of the range hardtop including central locking, heated rear screen. Price £1854 delivered UK Mainland including VAT

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Ford Ranger Ridgeback Max Hardtop 

For  Commercial workers, it has the biggest side opening doors on the market and is operated on a separate key for the central locking so you can keep the back locked at all times and keep the valuable items safe in the back, this top is based mainly in commercial white but can also be colour coded if needed

Price £2034 delivered UK Mainland

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Ford Ranger S Series Hardtop

This is the best value for money hardtop on the market, it has a mix use with commercial users to cover there tools to the end user looking for a smart looking hardtop with central locking, it is popular also for pets as it has the sliding side windows and sliding bulk head window for ventilation.

Comes standard with integrated central locking and a heated rear screen, at a prices of £1482 delivered UK Mainland it is a bargain Ford Ranger Canopy


Ford Ranger L Series Hardtop

This is the commercial canopy that is most popular with the commercial customer as it has a fiberglass solid side and a glass privacy door on the back, this has one big benifuit to the others on the market with intergrated central locking and is priced at £1434 delivered UK Mainland

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