Ford Ranger Tonneau Covers

Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover

If you are looking for a lockable lid then we supply the worldwide brand EGR and have the lockable Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover available in black and silver to keep the pickup truck look for your  Ford Ranger Tonneau cover 2012-On

Ford Ranger EGR Tonneau Covers

The Ridgeback 3 piece sports lid is the ultimate hard tonneau cover for your pick-up. Featuring an integral stainless steel styling bar, the lid is the most stylish way to cover any double cab truck. The lid can be removed in under a minute without the need for tools and is fully locking. Painted to match your vehicle using our automotive paint system, the 3 piece sports lid offers the perfect blend of style and functionality

The Ridgeback 1-Piece Lid is manufactured to the same exacting standards as the 3-Piece but does not include the integral styling bar. Simple to install, the 1-Piece Sports Lid can be removed simply in under a minute without the need for any tools or specialist equipment. It offers superb protection from the weather and is fully lockable.
With gas strut assisted opening and closing Ridgeback Aluminium Tonneau covers are ideal for heavier use as there are no painted surfaces to be damaged. Finished in either Black or Silver, the covers have a chequer plate finish for the off-road look. Features include the lockable lid (with key) and push button lock, which secures your load whilst keeping items protected.

The covers themselves are also tough with an extremely hard wearing surface, creating a second work area that is capable of handling tools and material. The Ford Ranger Aluminium Tonneau covers also open on a wide angle for easy access to the tub and can be removed in a minute without tools.

Ford Ranger Soft Tonneau Covers

Ford Ranger Soft Tonneau Coverss are a very attractive cover for value for money as they are cheap and can keep for items covered from the UK weather

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