Fiat Fullback Hardtops

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Fiat FullBack Hardtop

We can supply the commercial hardtops in white with the base model with manual handle lock and key with Lupo top or a top of the range all singing and dancing canopy with central locking brake light and a heated rear screen in the platinum hardtop.

Fiat Fullback Canopy

Fiat fullback Ridgeback brand has established it brand as a very well recognised and trusted brand within the fleet and commercial market and also for the end users who want a top of the range hardtop.

They have a large collection of hardtops with different styles and specifications and are only growing the list as it continues to grow

The Ridgeback brand has a range of high quality hardtops on offer for the commercial and fleet users to the end customer who is looking for a top of the range hardtop
The Ridgeback is aimed at users who want to give their trucks SUV styling. Featuring large sliding tinted windows in the sides and a heated rear window,  has features expected from a high-end hardtop. The bulkhead window opens for ventilation for dogs and making it easier to clean the window in the back of the cab. The Ridgeback brand is easily locked and unlocked using the vehicle’s own key thanks to the integrated central locking system.