Volkswagen Amarok 2010-2020 Double Cab | EGR RollTrac Electric Roll Top Cover

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The EGR RollTrac is the world’s best Electric Roll Top Cover. The result of a massive engineering project costing millions of pounds, the RollTrac is the most secure, water-resistant cover available anywhere.

  • EGR RollTrac has an onboard ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which connects to the vehicle’s electrical system
  •  Integrates with the vehicle’s remote central locking.
  •  Power Management System to detect a potential drop in voltage, then prioritize the remaining voltage to start the vehicle.
  • Variable speed opening and closing with a soft start/stop program.
  • Internal bright LED lighting with 4 function modes.
  •  Anti-pinch safety – The EGR RollTrac will stop when it detects anything along its closing cycle, then retract 50mm preventing injury or damage to loaded items.


  • Large aperture drainage tubes in each corner of the EGR RollTrac integrate and seamlessly blend into the vehicle.
  • Curved and concave shaped canister assists in water quickly dispersing out the front drainage tubes which funnel water under the vehicle.
  •  Interlocking aluminum prevents any water penetration between each slat on the EGR RollTrac surface


  •  One-touch operation using on-board buttons. No extra remote in your pocket.
  • Small canister to maximize your load area.
  • Scratch-resistant, fine-textured, and UV stable black satin powder coat finish.
  • Integrated built-in internal handle for manual override use
    as a safety release.


  • Interlocking aluminum slats prevent break-ins or forceful penetration.
  •  No external fasteners. Nothing can be dismantled to gain entry into the load area.
  • Made from strong lightweight aluminum.


Can be installed on all Volkswagen Amarok from 2010 onwards

Comes with detailed, step-by-step installation instructions and comprehensive step-by-step online installation videos.