VW Amarok Double Cab 11-ON

STX GREY Waterproof Front & Rear Seat Covers

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Vw Amarok 2010 on STX GREY Waterproof Front & Rear Seat Covers
They are 100% waterproof so are ideal for saving your car seats not just from wear and tear but also from oil, grease, drink and food stains, dog hairs and general grime. The covers have separate head-rest covers from the main seat covers. The covers are tailored specifically to the Vw Amarok seats (they do not fit any other vehicle), have elasticated hems around the seat squab and the front seats have full backs. There are also elasticated straps with click-shut buckles underneath to keep the cover properly in place so they are easy to fit and remove and they fit well.
The rear covers are two piece covers to allow the 60 / 40 split seats to function normally and to move independently. There is a zip located in the larger rear seat cover which sits behind the middle 3-point seat belt to allow it to function as intended. The seat back release strap remains accessible through the cover.
The material is a hardwearing 100% waterproof polyurethane coated 4oz/metre nylon in GREY which is a durable and quality textile

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