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Navara NP300 Snugtop Canopy Sports Pro

Nissan Navara NP300 Double Cab 16-ON


Navara NP300 Snugtop Canopy

• Factory OEM Styling Snugtop Canopy
• Inline roof of snugtop– matches the vehicle roof perfectly
• One – piece fibreglass construction Snugtop
• Supplied as standard factory colour coded
• OEM factory matched colours on Snugtop
• All glass tailgate with curved glass
• Snugrug Polypropolene carpet headlining which matches perfectly the Bedrug bedliner
• 31% tinted all round glazing
• Fixed bulkhead window on Snugtop
• 3 year warranty covering both the paint and structure along with 3 year component warranty
• ½ inch honeycomb roof reinforcement
• Fibreglass cloth overlay in high stress areas for additional support prevents cracking and starring)
• Special channeled rain gutter to move water away from pick up bed
• Wrap around fibreglass rails ensure the perfect fit every time of Snugtop Canopy
• Pro Lock single twist entry T Handle
• Optional remote unlocking (via central locking or separate fob)
• Rotary latches locking system with stainless steel locking rods
• Built in Neoprene double bulb seal protects the pick bed where the Snugtop sits.
• LED interior light and high level LED brake light
• Hidden ‘J’ hook mounting system – no drill installation
• Heavy duty hinges and hardware on Snugtop


At first glance the new Snugtop Sportmax may look like previous models but as well as a change in the outward styling it makes another leap forward in Snugtops ever improving designs and build, replacing the original locking system with a completely new locking system (including brackets and latches) a new LED strip light and improved standard specification.
Take a look at the standard features of the new Snugtop Sportmax and see how it measures up to the competition and you'll see why its the 'Perfect Choice'

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