Ford Ranger 2012-On | Ridgeback S-Series Hardtop Canopy

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Ford Ranger MK5 MK6 Ridgeback S-Series Hardtop Canopy colour coded the Hardtop canopy also has central locking standard UK
• Integrated Central Locking on the Hardtop Canopy
• Stainless Steel fittings (hinges, locks etc..
• High Quality Stabilus gas struts on the Hardtop Canopy
• Fully suspended washable lined interior
• Interior domed Light
• Tinted glass on side windows and tailgate of the Hardtop
• Sliding side windows with locking catches
• Sliding front bulkhead window inside the Canopy
• Rear spoiler on the Hardtop canopy
• Glass rear door
• Twin gas struts on rear door
• Lockable rear door 2 keys supplied
• Discrete clamping system
• Roof rails
• 70kg load carrying capacity on roof
• Instructions and wiring kit supplied
• No drill fitting
• 3 Year limited warranty
Ridgeback S-Series Hardtop for Ford Ranger T6 Double Cab (2012 on)

The Ridgeback S-Series hardtop canopy is aimed at users who want to give their trucks SUV styling.
Featuring large sliding tinted windows in the sides of the Hardtop canopy and a heated rear windowat the back of the hardtop canopy, the S-Series hardtop has all the features expected from a high-end hardtop canopy.
The bulkhead (front) window also opens allowing ventilation for dogs and making it easier to clean the window in the back of the cab.
The S-Series Hardtop is easily locked and unlocked using the vehicle’s own key thanks to the integrated central locking system on the Canopy.

Compare our Ford Ranger Hard top canopy with any other available on the market and you will see why we are the best for quality and value for money.