Ford Ranger Roller Shutters

Ford Ranger Roller shutter 

Is the top of the range Ford Ranger roller shutter that has been designed to fit with all Ford ranger and wildtrak Ford Ranger, every armadillo Roller shutter is specific to the vehicle it is made for and has also been designed to offer an easier installation than normal with it being a non drill fit.
The Roller shutter is made of the strongest materials with security as the main focus it is made from a light weight aluminium and has a unique locking mechanism that keeps the back of your pickup completely secure

It has a roll up system where the shutter retracts back into the canister that sits on the bulkhead leaving am open back if needing to take a large load

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Roller shutter

Handmade with real attention to detail
Every Armadillo Roller shutter is made by hand using only the best materials, every stage of the process is undertaken with great care by employees who specialise in a particular aspect of the Roller Shutter build